Ode to Popcorn

RIP sweet Popcorn.
Popcorn was one of the kitties that had been at NLF the very longest. I think he deserved a chance to experience a little bit of life outside of the shelter. I first fell in love with Popcorn when I began volunteering at the Nine Lives Foundation in January of 2005. These are a few of the photos I took when I first met him.

Popcorn came to stay with my sister and I about 4 months ago when he we discovered he was in renal failure. It was a tough choice then, should we put him to sleep or should I take him home and see if he'd improve at all outside of the shelter. Being me, I took him home and he was so happy and grateful to be out of the shelter. Popcorn, my little Poppy Kernel, even gained weight and became a wonderful lap cat and a nice snuggle bug in my bed. Here he is snuggling with some of our other fosters. The last month or so he'd started to decline again though. At first he just lost a little weight and I hoped it was just a phase and he'd bounce back, but this morning he didn't want to get up and when I took him to his morning bowl of baby food he staggered away on shaky legs and then lay down. He was clearly telling me he was tired and it was time but I'm still very sad that he couldn't be with us longer. I've really grown to love him over the past few years. I'll miss you little man.

Written by: LH