'Kisses' asks you to vote for Nine Lives... especially during Thanksgiving Week!

My name is Kisses, and I would be in kitty heaven if not for Dr. Thompson and the Nine Lives Foundation. I owe my life to them!

My tail was badly injured and the shelter I was in planned to put me to sleep. But Dr. Thompson rescued me, amputated my tail, and gave me all the medical care and support that I needed to get better. And now I have been adopted and am going have a new home with people to love me! **purrrrrrrrr**

There are so many other kitties like me that need help, and it costs a lot of money to rescue and rehabilitate all of us. But YOU CAN HELP - and it won't cost you anything!

The Shelter Challenge is an online voting contest giving away money to the rescue shelters that get the most votes from people like you!

Here's what you need to do… just go here:


--Type in "Nine Lives", select "California", and then click "Search"

--When the page reloads, you then click the "VOTE"

--It will then ask you to Confirm your vote by identifying an animal photo. Just type in what it is (in all lower case letters) click the button and your vote will be confirmed!!

*KEEP VOTING DAILY* on each of your internet browsers - especially during the week of Thanksgiving because we think we could win the weekly prize if we all focus there… then keep on voting until the last day, which is December 14th!

Nine Lives is currently ranked #11 in the national votes and we are up to #2 in the state of California!

Only *YOUR VOTES* can push us to the top to win the money which can save the lives of other kittens like me, give us the care we need, and help us to find 'forever homes' with loving families.

Remember that Kisses says: "PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!"