2009 adoptions thus far...

This year has been a record breaking year so far with 194 adoptions by 3/30/09. An average of 64 adoptions per month. We're really hoping that we can keep this going and even increase our monthly numbers as we go. Some of the kitties we've adopted out this year are:

Update on Conrad - A success story

Hi Nine Lives,
We adopted the cat you called "Conrad" after a false start with a different cat, (who has since been adopted, which makes us very happy). We STILL don't have a name for him because no one in our household can agree. I wanted to call him "Darwin", but no one else likes the name. So he has since been Andre, Snoodles, P.K., (for Psycho Kitty), Augie, Rufus, and a myriad of other names. My latest is "Malarky", which fits his goofy personality.
He is quite the little maniac. He's pulled the table cloth off the table, broken flower pots, torn up a roll of TP, dug up plants in the garden, and generally dominates this household with his antics. He tries to bury his food which means that he bats his dishes all over the kitchen. And just when I'm ready to get really mad at him he gives me that, "Look at this beautiful mess I made for you. Aren't you proud of me?" look, which cracks me up. I always thought that cats were graceful. Not this guy. He plays so hard he runs into walls and falls off tables. Chasing the laser light he flies off the top step and clunks down the stairs, then comes back for more. Often when I go into the bathroom I find his paw prints in the sink. Presumably he is admiring his handsome face and beautiful whiskers. As you can probably tell I am totally in love with him. Izzy, a cat we adopted from you a few years ago, and he are slowly making friends. They'll play with 2 ends of a ribbon, and pretend they are just trying to catch the warmth of the sun when they lie near each other for naps on the rug. Our poor toothless kitty, Orlando, is still having a tough time with this interloper, but eventually, if Malarky ever slows down, he should come to accept that this is also Orlando's home. We are SO grateful you rescued this kitty, and wish we could take all your kitties home. May they all find happy homes.

Thank you for all the wonderful work you do.

Update on Amelia - sucess story

On February 17th we recieved an email from Oakland Animal Shelter that a flame point Persian had been was placed in the night drop box at the OaklandAnimal Shelter. She was very sweet, probably around 3 years old per the vet but she had an ulcerated eye that will needed surgery (eye removal) and a dental. We were told later that evidently the owner's mother kicked/hit her which is how they think she ended up w/the eye trauma. Here she is after her surgery.
After her surgery Amelia blossomed and it wasn't long before she was adopted and went off to her forever home. See below for the update from her new family. - LH
Hello Pat, Georgia, Dr. Monica and the Staff at Nine Lives:
I wanted to give you an update on Amelia's progress. She went to her new vet Dr. Mark Zimmerman of the Crosstown Veterinary Hospital (http://www.crosstownvet.com/). When I arrived for my appointment to remove her stitches they were very interested to hear her story and I made sure to tell them all about the work that Nine Lives and Persial Rescue do. They said they would add you both to their website as a link for people looking to adopt. Amelia was of course the most relaxed patient of the day. Even though I had brought in her paperwork from Nine Lives, Dr. Mark still gave her a full exam. He put her on the scale and in the first two weeks I had her in my care she gained 1.5 lbs. (I'm sure by now she's gain at least a total of 3). I even held her as the vet removed her stitches...she was her usual calm self and held very still in my arms. Dr. Mark was amazed at how mellow she was. Her eye has healed beautifully and I've included a couple of recent pictures.
I know that Dr. Monica mentioned that she was worried about the amount of skin that she had to clip off during surgery - Dr. Mark said you did a great job and the surgery was a complete success with no post surgery complications at all. As the hair around the eye grows in it will even be less noticable. Each day she continues to amaze me with her personality. Although she's still the most laid back kitty I've ever had the pleasure to know. She also has a "wild & whacky side". She loves to play and zip around the house and leaves behind a pile of rumpled throw rugs in her wake. She's picked up on my daily routine and now wakes me up 20 minutes before my alarm clock to start the day off with her wet food. Then it's brush time followed by play time and treats.
Once I head out the door from work it's nap time until I return and the play session kicks in for round two. Rounds three and sometimes four can happen before bedtime too. Sadly I've also discovered that whomever had her originally put a collar on her. At somepoint that collar became too small and it's left a scar all the way around her neck. I can even see the imprint of the collar buckel on the back of her neck. No worries anymore as I don't like collars on cats, but at least it explains why sometimes she sleeps with her head up. I'm sure with a collar that tight it was the most comfortable position. Thank you again for directing me to Amelia. As she has healed from her surgeries, I too have healed from the loss of my cat Molly. We've been good for each other and I look forward to a long and happy friendship.
Best Regards,

Update on Marcus - success story

Hello Nine Lives,

I wanted to send you some pictures of our new friend Marcus. He is SPOILED rotten. Well, not rotten... we LOVE LOVE LOVE him, I can't even tell you!! He is so happy, he gets to go outside whenever he wants, loves playing with our mastiff doggie, is eating well, and LOVES our kids.

He gets so much love. He is the perfect addition to our family, we could not be happier. He is really special, and goofy, loves to play with toys, and is very happy to be with us. We are so lucky to have him! He loves to ride in the car.... so strange. but I love it! Our daughter rides horses up in Woodside, and he loves to ride in the car and sleep while we watch her lesson.

Thank you for giving us the gift of Marcus... please please let Laurel know that he has a really good home, and he is extremely well-loved and cared for... and let the others at Nine Lives know how happy we are with our new addition!

Thanks again, and take care.
Jenny, Craig, Lily and Eddie