A Day in the Life - 37 Cats from Los Banos Animal Shelter are Spay/Neutered at Nine Lives

By:  Deanna Graham, Member of the Nine Lives Foundation Board of Directors
Date:  February 2, 2012

February is Spay Day U.S.A.... here's the story of 37 cats from Los Banos who traveled 106 miles to be spay/neutered at Nine Lives!

Last month, Laurel and Melinda, two dedicated volunteers at Los Banos Animal Shelter, carefully loaded 37 frightened, bewildered and I'm sure cranky cats into their cars for the 2-hour road trip from Los Banos to Nine Lives in Redwood City to be spayed/neutered by Dr. Monica Rudiger.  

Dr. Rudiger volunteers her time each month to spay/neuter Los Banos cats and only charges the animal shelter for the materials she uses.

Dr. Rudiger has everything laid out, the cats are waiting, let the spay/neutering begin.

The halls are full of cats in carriers waiting for their turn on the operating table.  Each carrier has a number and each cat has a paper collar with that number on it.

This cat is #37 and is ready for surgery.

Each cat is put in the anaesthesia chamber where they fall asleep waiting for surgery.

This cat is unconscious, receiving oxygen and fluids.

The area is disinfected and shaved.

Dr. Rudiger is spaying #37.  

The spay or Ovariohysterectomy procedure takes about 8-10 minutes,  Dr. Rudiger removes the ovaries and uterus on cat #37.

Once the ovaries and uterus are removed, Dr. Rudiger closes up the incision.

Laurel and Melinda give the cat their vaccinations.  It's a lot easier when they're groggy or asleep.

Now it's time to get the claws clipped.

Finally, it's time to rest before the long ride home to Los Banos. 


For several years, the last Tuesday in February has been designated as Spay Day U.S.A., and February has been chosen as Spay and Neuter Month by countless humane societies and animal advocacy groups.  Dr. Rudiger and Nine Lives Foundation will offer a special price from February 6th through February 28th...Spaying $35 and Neutering $25.  All surgeries will be done at 3016 Rolison Road, Redwood City, CA  94063 (650)368-1365.  Appointments recommended, but not required.