Just one click a day can help our kitties!

Dear Friends of Nine Lives,
Thank you so much for your continued voting support for the Nine Lives Foundation in the online shelter challenge to win up to $25k in grant money!
To let you know how spectacularly we got off the mark: we started out ranked only #1575 - but in just five days we moved up to #46 nationwide and #6 in California!
BUT we need to keep voting!! Over the weekend we dropped two spots and we've got to push ourselves to keep up the daily voting for the next 60 days (voting ends December 14th). We need EVERY VOTE... so don't forget us and please ask family, friends, coworkers, email buddies, and everyone you know to add their support. You will be helping to save the lives of many needy cats & kittens and giving them a second chance for a happy & healthy life in a loving home.
Here’s where you go to vote: http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/clickToGive/shelterchallenge.faces?siteId=3
--Just type in ‘Nine Lives Foundation’, select California, and then click "search" --When the page reloads, you then click the "VOTE"--It will then ask you to confirm your vote by identifying an animal photo. Just type in what it is (in all lower case letters) , click the button and your vote will be confirmed!!
Simple, easy, and fast... takes only seconds!
*KEEP VOTING DAILY* with each of your separate email addresses - you can vote on each internet service provider on your computer... just make sure you do it every day til December 14th!
It takes only a few seconds to vote: Just make it a habit to cast your votes when you check your email each day... and you'll never forget! Every vote matters... every day!
The cats & kittens of Nine Lives thank you for your support!

Success Story - Bailey a.k.a Tabitha

Dear Dr Thompson & staff:

I just wanted to report that Bailey a.k.a Tabitha is thriving. She is such a joy to be around. I can’t even tell you how much she saved Larry & I from our grief of loosing our kitty at 17 years old. Bailey just loves life and supervised visits on the patio. Thanks to all of you for giving us our Bailey baby. It has only been two years but we feel she has been in our hearts forever. Thank you Dr. Thompson for telling me the benefits of adopting a 8 mo.old kitty versus a kitten. The decision was purfect for us.