It's getting hot in here...

So this weekend the shelter reached and surpassed 100°F. It was pretty miserable but we had wonderful volunteers passing our frozen water bottles to the kitties, wetting them down and putting ice in their water bowls. We all survived and it provided the added bonus of making the cats much easier to photograph as you can see...
Trixie and her water bottle.

Vincent, the feral, having a lay about.

Viggo, rudely woken from his nap.
Vanity finding the flashing camera disturbing.
Toby, sleeping though his photo debut.
Bastion, the feral, sound asleep in the rafters.
Roxy, helping out at the front desk.
Rocky sleeping the heat away.
Oreo stretching out.
Mister posing and getting as much cold concrete contact as he can.
Maya draped on a small table.
Luther spending his last Saturday in the shelter before going to his new forever home!
Karl, he just looks perplexed, doesn't he?
Jet trying to be a flat cat, but too darn furry to manage it.
Fannin in perhaps the only photo ever taken that isn't blurred by his constant motion.
Dasha hanging out.
Bobcat, probably wishing we'd refresh his Lion cut.
BJ stretched out....
Big Ben, most likely hoping I won't come any closer.
Baylor just chillin'
Whiskers making sure no one touches her toy and basking in her fancy Lion cut.
Stay cool out there...

Einstein - A success story!

We just wanted to write to you to say thank you for Einstein (who we adopted about a month ago). When we came to the shelter, we thought that adopting a rescue cat who would be happy with two preschoolers and a dog might be a bit of a tall order. However, your great volunteers were absolutely fantastic is knowing each cat's personality and guiding us towards cats who would be happy being carried, pulled, dressed in dolls' clothing, wheeled around like a baby, and chased up and down the hallway. The ladies who helped us on the day will remember that, in the end, Einstein chose our son (rather than the other way around) and as you can see from the photos attached, its been that way ever since. Even after three weeks when we let Einstein out into the garden, he walked out of the door and promptly curled up underneath the apple tree. He seems to have no interest in going anywhere other than where our children are, and does seem "happy" to be here.

Thank you so much - he is a wonderful addition to our family.
The Taylor Family

Darby - A success story

I wanted you to know that "Darby", now known as Zoey the Diva, has settled into her new home. We are developing the love bond of the year. She is fabulous and has definitely found a good home where she is well loved.
Thank you for the work you do and for ZoeyD.

Update on Pooh Bear a.k.a. Butterfinger

Dear Dr. Thompson and Nine Lives Volunteers,

It's been about 4-5 months since I adopted Butterfinger and I thought you might like to know how he's doing. First of all, I decided to rename him Pooh Bear, not only to relieve him of the name that was associated with so much of his pain and emotional trauma but also because he is such a cuddle bug and lap cat. The minute I sit down to watch TV, he loves to come right over and plop down in my lap. He's like a ragdoll who just kinda goes limp when you pick him up or move him around. This cat would not harm a flea let alone bite someone out of aggression. I can only imagine that he thought someone was trying to kill him when his previous owner sat on him and I'm sure he acted on pure adrenaline when he bit her. I'd love to do more than just bite his previous owner for putting his through the trauma of giving him up can considering euthanizing him. I just don't understand how anyone could EVER consider doing this to such a sweet, sweet kitty.

Pooh Bear had absolutely no problem adjusting to living with my two other kitties. They also accepted him with no problems.
He gets extremely anxious whenever he has to go to the vet or if strangers come to the house and kinda freaks out (and sometimes poops on the spot) but we are working on that.

All in all, he is an absolute DOLL and I am so happy that he is part of my kitty family now. Thank you for rescuing this wonderful boy from a certain death.
We just moved to San Diego about 6 weeks ago and here are a few pics of Pooh in his new home.

Best Regards,
Nancy and Pooh Bear

Jimmy! (Sucess Story)

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to give an update on everybody's favorite cat, Jimmy ;) He's doing absolutely beautifully here in our home. He's still jumping high, and training for the olympics. He has also taken up playing fetch, possibly his new favorite sport. He's definitely going to be a gold medalist!
My husband and I are absolutely delighted to have him with us everyday. He really is a joy, like having a mischievous little boy whom you can't help but adore. Full of energy and love, he really is the most special cat, a little ray of sunshine. And oh that ridiculous sleep position which seems to be the mark of his afternoon naps!!

Marta, Vincent, and Jimmy

Pixel - A success Story


We adopted Pixel almost 5 months ago. He was about a year old at the time. Pixel was his Nine Lives name and we decided to let him keep it. We were grateful to have a 2-week trial adoption period but we knew right away that we were going to keep him. We could not have wished for a better cat and he has been such a great addition to our family. He follows us around the house and he is just the most affectionate, playful and fun little cat. He brings smiles to our faces every day. We spoil him with lots of love, toys and treats in return. A big THANK YOU to Nine Lives for helping place Pixel in our life!

From Pixel's Family