It's getting hot in here...

So this weekend the shelter reached and surpassed 100°F. It was pretty miserable but we had wonderful volunteers passing our frozen water bottles to the kitties, wetting them down and putting ice in their water bowls. We all survived and it provided the added bonus of making the cats much easier to photograph as you can see...
Trixie and her water bottle.

Vincent, the feral, having a lay about.

Viggo, rudely woken from his nap.
Vanity finding the flashing camera disturbing.
Toby, sleeping though his photo debut.
Bastion, the feral, sound asleep in the rafters.
Roxy, helping out at the front desk.
Rocky sleeping the heat away.
Oreo stretching out.
Mister posing and getting as much cold concrete contact as he can.
Maya draped on a small table.
Luther spending his last Saturday in the shelter before going to his new forever home!
Karl, he just looks perplexed, doesn't he?
Jet trying to be a flat cat, but too darn furry to manage it.
Fannin in perhaps the only photo ever taken that isn't blurred by his constant motion.
Dasha hanging out.
Bobcat, probably wishing we'd refresh his Lion cut.
BJ stretched out....
Big Ben, most likely hoping I won't come any closer.
Baylor just chillin'
Whiskers making sure no one touches her toy and basking in her fancy Lion cut.
Stay cool out there...

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