Einstein - A success story!

We just wanted to write to you to say thank you for Einstein (who we adopted about a month ago). When we came to the shelter, we thought that adopting a rescue cat who would be happy with two preschoolers and a dog might be a bit of a tall order. However, your great volunteers were absolutely fantastic is knowing each cat's personality and guiding us towards cats who would be happy being carried, pulled, dressed in dolls' clothing, wheeled around like a baby, and chased up and down the hallway. The ladies who helped us on the day will remember that, in the end, Einstein chose our son (rather than the other way around) and as you can see from the photos attached, its been that way ever since. Even after three weeks when we let Einstein out into the garden, he walked out of the door and promptly curled up underneath the apple tree. He seems to have no interest in going anywhere other than where our children are, and does seem "happy" to be here.

Thank you so much - he is a wonderful addition to our family.
The Taylor Family

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Leanne said...

I was one of the volunteers that day who assisted with the adoption of Einstein... and yes, I was truly amazed and how he just gravitated towards your young, rambunctious (sp?) children --- I was the one that said, "Yup, I think you've found your cat!". I had a little tear in my eye at that moment, and now after reading your letter 1 month later, I couldn't help but have a little cry for joy. I'm a new adoption volunteer and still learning the ropes as I go, but I can say that volunteering at the shelter has been a VERY rewarding experience for me .... and reading these success stories just reinforces it. Thank you for the update!

Give Einstein a little scritch for me! :-)

Leanne Mackenzie