Update on Pooh Bear a.k.a. Butterfinger

Dear Dr. Thompson and Nine Lives Volunteers,

It's been about 4-5 months since I adopted Butterfinger and I thought you might like to know how he's doing. First of all, I decided to rename him Pooh Bear, not only to relieve him of the name that was associated with so much of his pain and emotional trauma but also because he is such a cuddle bug and lap cat. The minute I sit down to watch TV, he loves to come right over and plop down in my lap. He's like a ragdoll who just kinda goes limp when you pick him up or move him around. This cat would not harm a flea let alone bite someone out of aggression. I can only imagine that he thought someone was trying to kill him when his previous owner sat on him and I'm sure he acted on pure adrenaline when he bit her. I'd love to do more than just bite his previous owner for putting his through the trauma of giving him up can considering euthanizing him. I just don't understand how anyone could EVER consider doing this to such a sweet, sweet kitty.

Pooh Bear had absolutely no problem adjusting to living with my two other kitties. They also accepted him with no problems.
He gets extremely anxious whenever he has to go to the vet or if strangers come to the house and kinda freaks out (and sometimes poops on the spot) but we are working on that.

All in all, he is an absolute DOLL and I am so happy that he is part of my kitty family now. Thank you for rescuing this wonderful boy from a certain death.
We just moved to San Diego about 6 weeks ago and here are a few pics of Pooh in his new home.

Best Regards,
Nancy and Pooh Bear

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