Alice now, Becker, a success story!

My wife and I adopted “Alice” about a week and a half ago. It is pretty safe to say that you can take her off the trial adoption page. We have changed her name to Becker and are completely happy with her.

She is enjoying her new home and is a very lovable kitty. We have absolutely no complaints, or regrets about adopting her. My wife and I are going to look for things to buy and donate to the Nine Lives Foundation as our cat is the best Xmas present we could have both received.

Thank you Nine Lives!!! We will send you some pictures of Becker so you can all see how happy she is in her new home.

Jorge and Liz

Written by: LH

Bug & Beetle found a home!

The last of Sherry's kittens, Bug and Beetle are the most amazingly dynamic duo. Totally bonded, we couldn't bear to part them when a gentleman inquired about adopting them. After some consideration, he decided to take the both of them. We feel sure it's a decision he'll be forever happy with. After all, how could life be sad or boring with these two goof balls around.
Written by: LH

December adoptions keep on coming...

Since my last post, we've had a number of adoptions.

Xavier was adopted by a fabulous couple who adopted Zelda from us a little over a year ago. They've already updated us on how the two are doing.

"Hi Friends,

Well Zeke (formerly Xavier) seems to be settling in. Lots of hissing from Zelda, but she always leaves the scene after making her point. She is now able to sleep comfortably in her basket while he is in the same room--so does not appear to feel threatened.

Dr. T was totally right (of course)--he is Mr. Mellow.

Mary Ann & Rod"

Helena, is out in long term foster care. We're hoping that this will end up being her forever home eventually.
Petunia left for her forever home! We can't say enough good things about this sweet, funny girl. It made a good many of us weepy to see her off to a home of her very own. No kitty deserves it more. Hopefully her new family will provide a kitty bed on their desk so she can continue to keep busy by watching them doing their office work.

We've also adopted out 3 pairs of kittens.

Bunny was adopted out with Pia. Cricket was adopted out with Toffee.
Grasshopper and Toad were adopted together. All of these adoptions (and the fosters, because I'm doing the counting) bring us up to 34 adoptions thus far for the month of December. Our goal is 50 cats and kittens and we keep pulling from high kill shelters to make sure we have new kitties available. If you're looking for a cat or kitten, now is the time!

Written by: LH

Buster and Armand - A success story

Nine Lives Folk:

My wife Renee adopted Buster and Armand from your place at the start of October. [check out our blog entry about their adoption!] We thought you might like to know that we are enjoying them immensely. They were a bit timid at first but have now thawed out to the point that they join us on the couch in the evening. Armand in particular is the most social cat I have ever seen in my life.

I was in the act of describing this phenomenon to a friend who was visiting in our living room, and in mid-story Armand animated the narrative by jumping up onto the cabinet shelf I was leaning against, chirping solicitously at me, putting his paws on my shoulder, and then licking my beard while purring at maximum volume. Attached is a photo of the two of them lounging on some hay bales in the front yard.

Thanks for bringing these fellows to us.

Wonderful Adoptions News!

This past weekend saw us clear 20 adoptions in 3 days! We can't thank enough, all of you who attended our First Friday Adoption fair and fund raiser. We raised several hundred dollars and found wonderful homes for all of the following cats and kittens...
Simba - a 4 year old front and back de-clawed boy who was surrendered 3 weeks ago.
Poukipsie - a 5 year old girl who came to us from HSSV on 6-17-05.
Garrett - a 5 year old Maine Coon mix from HSSV this past October.
3 of the Jetsons - Jane, Judy and George were adopted out together as a threesome!
Several of the cookies were adopted, including Sugar
And their momma, Gingerbread
Miss Paige, a new arrival from Los Banos was also adopted
As was Gwen, a striking black and white tuxedo girl
And Lashley - a handsome 6 month old black and white tuxedo boy
And Jessica, a 4 month old Torti princess
and Lady Monique, who started life on the streets of San Jose and will now live a fine life in Burlingame.
Little Sheba was also adopted. She now has a much better life than the one she had when found in Redwood City by a Whole Foods employee.
Even Miss Alice was finally adopted! She came to us from Martinez as a kitten in 2006. We're thrilled she finally found a family of her own!

As if all of these adoptions weren't enough, we also placed 2 more kittens Smudgie and Patches.

Maine Coon Adoptions found Cowboy a forever home this weekend as well! This holiday season seems to be starting off on the right foot.

Written by: LH

A wonderful update for Joey the "feral"

Dear Dr. T and all of your wonderful staff:

I wanted to thank you SOOOO very much for your help and encouragement last spring with the beautiful Maine Coon feral I called Joey, who was wounded and very miserable. After you sewed him up, you found that he was FIV+ and needed to become a house cat. You kept him so long even in the midst of your move from Spring Street and all of the chaos that caused you, because I simply did not think I could keep him. I was absolutely unsure that he could come inside, but you begged me to try and that was all it took. Within 2 weeks, Joey was a converted housecat. He settled in as family with 7 year old Smokey and Jilli, just 6 months old at the time. Now they are inseparable, as you see by their sleeping arrangement! Joey is the sweetest, most cuddly lap-cat I have ever had. Wherever I am, there he is. Joey knew that he was home when he came to me for help. And with your help, I realized it too!

With love and eternal appreciation,

First Friday - December 7th

Please join us for our December First Friday event:
Friday the 7th from 6pm to 9pm!
Open House Event and Adoption Faire:
$5.00 all you can holiday cookies, hot chocolate and apple cider.
You can even meet the cookie family!

And her kittens: Macaroon Sandie
Snickerdoodle SugarToffee

Happy Holiday Season!

December has started off with a bang. We've seen several adoptions since Thanksgiving, including Zora,
Highlander and Randy.
Wendy and Bradly

And a cute black, girl kitten who'd been fostered by Kate T and hadn't yet been named.

We also have about 4 adoptions pending that we're excited about.

Sadly Magic has returned to the shelter. Much to his family's regret, he wasn't happy in their home (we suspect he was missing Bosco terribly as he's happy as a clam now that the two of them can snuggle together again.) Instead of Magic, the family now has Tommy on trial. Hopefully he'll get on well with the queen of their household, Tabitha.
We have had many new arrivals from Los Banos recently, so if you're looking to bring a new family member into your home now is the time! I'll have their photos up soon so keep checking our website!