Wonderful Adoptions News!

This past weekend saw us clear 20 adoptions in 3 days! We can't thank enough, all of you who attended our First Friday Adoption fair and fund raiser. We raised several hundred dollars and found wonderful homes for all of the following cats and kittens...
Simba - a 4 year old front and back de-clawed boy who was surrendered 3 weeks ago.
Poukipsie - a 5 year old girl who came to us from HSSV on 6-17-05.
Garrett - a 5 year old Maine Coon mix from HSSV this past October.
3 of the Jetsons - Jane, Judy and George were adopted out together as a threesome!
Several of the cookies were adopted, including Sugar
And their momma, Gingerbread
Miss Paige, a new arrival from Los Banos was also adopted
As was Gwen, a striking black and white tuxedo girl
And Lashley - a handsome 6 month old black and white tuxedo boy
And Jessica, a 4 month old Torti princess
and Lady Monique, who started life on the streets of San Jose and will now live a fine life in Burlingame.
Little Sheba was also adopted. She now has a much better life than the one she had when found in Redwood City by a Whole Foods employee.
Even Miss Alice was finally adopted! She came to us from Martinez as a kitten in 2006. We're thrilled she finally found a family of her own!

As if all of these adoptions weren't enough, we also placed 2 more kittens Smudgie and Patches.

Maine Coon Adoptions found Cowboy a forever home this weekend as well! This holiday season seems to be starting off on the right foot.

Written by: LH


Dave said...

That is great news that so many cats and kittens found homes! I am just coming off my sugar high from all the great cookies people brought!

Kara said...

Wow! I just LOVE coming here and seeing such wonderful news like this. 20 cats finding forever homes in just 3 days....AMAZING!!! What wonderful people to take all of these babies into their homes and giving them forever homes. Brings tears to my eyes. Congrats to all!!!!