Happy Holiday Season!

December has started off with a bang. We've seen several adoptions since Thanksgiving, including Zora,
Highlander and Randy.
Wendy and Bradly

And a cute black, girl kitten who'd been fostered by Kate T and hadn't yet been named.

We also have about 4 adoptions pending that we're excited about.

Sadly Magic has returned to the shelter. Much to his family's regret, he wasn't happy in their home (we suspect he was missing Bosco terribly as he's happy as a clam now that the two of them can snuggle together again.) Instead of Magic, the family now has Tommy on trial. Hopefully he'll get on well with the queen of their household, Tabitha.
We have had many new arrivals from Los Banos recently, so if you're looking to bring a new family member into your home now is the time! I'll have their photos up soon so keep checking our website!

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