December adoptions keep on coming...

Since my last post, we've had a number of adoptions.

Xavier was adopted by a fabulous couple who adopted Zelda from us a little over a year ago. They've already updated us on how the two are doing.

"Hi Friends,

Well Zeke (formerly Xavier) seems to be settling in. Lots of hissing from Zelda, but she always leaves the scene after making her point. She is now able to sleep comfortably in her basket while he is in the same room--so does not appear to feel threatened.

Dr. T was totally right (of course)--he is Mr. Mellow.

Mary Ann & Rod"

Helena, is out in long term foster care. We're hoping that this will end up being her forever home eventually.
Petunia left for her forever home! We can't say enough good things about this sweet, funny girl. It made a good many of us weepy to see her off to a home of her very own. No kitty deserves it more. Hopefully her new family will provide a kitty bed on their desk so she can continue to keep busy by watching them doing their office work.

We've also adopted out 3 pairs of kittens.

Bunny was adopted out with Pia. Cricket was adopted out with Toffee.
Grasshopper and Toad were adopted together. All of these adoptions (and the fosters, because I'm doing the counting) bring us up to 34 adoptions thus far for the month of December. Our goal is 50 cats and kittens and we keep pulling from high kill shelters to make sure we have new kitties available. If you're looking for a cat or kitten, now is the time!

Written by: LH

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