A wonderful update for Joey the "feral"

Dear Dr. T and all of your wonderful staff:

I wanted to thank you SOOOO very much for your help and encouragement last spring with the beautiful Maine Coon feral I called Joey, who was wounded and very miserable. After you sewed him up, you found that he was FIV+ and needed to become a house cat. You kept him so long even in the midst of your move from Spring Street and all of the chaos that caused you, because I simply did not think I could keep him. I was absolutely unsure that he could come inside, but you begged me to try and that was all it took. Within 2 weeks, Joey was a converted housecat. He settled in as family with 7 year old Smokey and Jilli, just 6 months old at the time. Now they are inseparable, as you see by their sleeping arrangement! Joey is the sweetest, most cuddly lap-cat I have ever had. Wherever I am, there he is. Joey knew that he was home when he came to me for help. And with your help, I realized it too!

With love and eternal appreciation,

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