News on Nala

For those who don't know her, Nala is a pretty cream colored cat our volunteer, Robert, rescued from the Dublin Animal Shelter. Nala's family had overfed her to the point of morbid obesity and then left her at the Dublin shelter where she faced certain death.

Robert saved her and brought her into our shelter on July 11, 2010. He and another volunteer, Laurel, set up a newly donated, tall cat condo for her so she would need to move around to get her food and litter and bed.

Upon her arrival Nala weighed 21.9.0. That's right 21 pounds 9 oz. We started her on a wet food only diet and she has daily weigh-ins. As of yesterday, 7/25 Nala weighed 19.12.5. She was playing with a toy in the get acquainted room and is looking and feeling much better. Dolores, one of our kennel staff, is going to start work on a new room for her so she can get more exercise.

If you haven't met her, stop by the shelter and say hello to her. She is a really nice cat who loves pets and playing with a wand toy. She is starting to get attention from potential adopters. We love her here and are so happy that Robert saved her life.