Buster and Armand - A success story

Nine Lives Folk:

My wife Renee adopted Buster and Armand from your place at the start of October. [check out our blog entry about their adoption!] We thought you might like to know that we are enjoying them immensely. They were a bit timid at first but have now thawed out to the point that they join us on the couch in the evening. Armand in particular is the most social cat I have ever seen in my life.

I was in the act of describing this phenomenon to a friend who was visiting in our living room, and in mid-story Armand animated the narrative by jumping up onto the cabinet shelf I was leaning against, chirping solicitously at me, putting his paws on my shoulder, and then licking my beard while purring at maximum volume. Attached is a photo of the two of them lounging on some hay bales in the front yard.

Thanks for bringing these fellows to us.

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