I got a call from Dr. Thompson not long ago that two of our scaredy semi-feral boys were adopted by a nice lady from Woodside. She wanted a bonded pair to keep her company and kill mice in her house. They'll have a nice screened in porch attached to the house that they can sunbathe in and they'll have each other and a woman who understands that they may never be affectionate with her. These boys are joy to watch together, Armand is constantly rubbing against and grooming Buster.
The saddest part about the recent move was that Buster didn't come to the new building until the last trip and Dr. Thompson accidentally put him in the wrong cage. Armand and Buster were separated for nearly 24 hours. Buster was beyond stressed in a cage with BJ, another black and white scaredy cat. He wouldn't get out of the litter box and Armand was cowering alone in his cage half hidden under his bed. The instant I found Buster the following evening and put him in with Armand they reunited with joy and lots of purring snuggles. These boys aren't happy unless they have each other for comfort.
I'm sure that this is the perfect home for them. I'm so happy.
Written by: LH

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