This weekend was very successful. We had 7 adoptions from Friday to Sunday. Gryffindor was adopted again, we're hoping he found the right home this time. He's out on trial with a man who adopted a kitty from us last year. We're hopeful that the two will get along well.
Apollo was adopted by a wonderful family who have renamed him Shadow. Remy with the bright yellow eyes found a great family where he'll have an 8 year old Chocolate Lab as a big brother.
Tinkerbell and her sister Tanya each found their own forever homes this weekend. Tanya was adopted by a wonderful lady with another kitty Tanya's age for her to play with. Tinkerbell was adopted by the same woman who adopted Felicity last week. She's going to love having a buddy her own age to play with. Little Jackie boy, our recent arrival from SJACC went home for a trial adoption, but we've got our fingers crossed that it'll work out alright for him. Sweet, laid back Luther also found a forever home.
Jesse, our sweet boy, found a new forever home. We hope he settles in and has the peace and happiness he didn't get in his previous home.
Written by: LH

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