Post weekend update

It was a long, long weekend and boy are we tired. The Nine Lives Foundation move is nearly complete. All of the cats were moved to the new building last night. This is especially awesome as we weren't able to begin the actual move until 3pm on Sunday. The Nine Lives Foundation's new address is:

1255 Annette Avenue
(On the corner of Rolison Road and Annette Avenue)
Redwood City, CA 94063-4541
Phone: (650) 368-1365
Fax: (650) 368-1660

Saturday we had two awesome adoption events with a total of 12 cats adopted. The 9 Lives Morris the cat, Mobile Adoption Tour came through to Redwood Shores on Saturday from 1pm to 5 pm and we adopted out 5 cats with their awesome help. Baxter, Charlie, Veronica, Bethany and Gracie (Gracie was adopted out with Bethany). All five of which went off to their forever homes on Sunday. I couldn't be happier with the adoptive homes. Here are photos of Bethany, Charlie and Baxter with their families (from Left to right). I forgot to get a photo of Veronica with her family.

While I was busy with another volunteer on the Adoption Mobile in Redwood Shores, another group of volunteers and Board Members hosted an additional adoption event in Woodside, a fun Barn Dance event at the Runnymeade Sculpture Farm where 7 cats were adopted out (including a couple of our really difficult to adopt, shy kitties.) The cats below, James, Crouton, Benny and Zaphod Beeblebrox were all adopted, in addition to 3 kittens, Jasper, Elroy and Max. The event had wonderful visibility, hopefully we'll see many more adoptions from this event.

Then on Sunday, after a long day of packing and moving, one of our Board Members took home two of our more unadoptable kitties for "retirement". Essentially, he is adopting them, but without the fees.

Everett, a very sweet and dear old man who sprays constantly and Charles, an FIV+ boy who shreds screens to get outside and has a mouth issue that requires monthly vet care, will go to a nice house in San Carlos where they will have a fully enclosed and cat safe yard to play in with a nice safe and cozy room to sleep and people of their own to love and care for them. I nearly cried, I was so happy to see my Everett boy safely out of the shelter.

He also allowed his tenant to adopt a kitten, who will be able to play with the pair of kittens he and his partner adopted last month. Our weekend adoption total was 15 cats. :)

On Friday we were also able to safely release two of our feral cats into two colonies that are being cared for by a couple of Dr. Thompson's clients.

Oh, and did I mention that Sherbet was adopted on Saturday? The lady who transported her up from LA last month ended up adopting her. She spent the past month thinking about her and her touching story and decided that she had to have her.

It was tiring as heck, but a great weekend all around.

Written by: LH

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Kara said...

Great news to see little Miss Gracie found a forever home along with some other cats. :) Congrats!