Felicity was adopted yesterday, and left for her forever home. It's hard to believe that this sweet girl was actually in the shelter for 11 days. I was betting that she'd be adopted in moments. She's going to make her new family very happy, I think.
Maine Coon Adoptions is taking another kitty from us. This one is Cowboy a large, 11 lb, 3-5 year old, orange and white tabby, long haired cat. Handsome as can be and very outgoing, this boy was found as an unaltered stray wandering loose in San Jose. He ended up in San Jose Animal Care and Control where he was due to be PTS for having a chipped tooth. We fell in love the moment we met this amazing boy and had to save him.

More happy endings came from Maine Coon Adoptions today, when we heard that they placed two of our kitties in a home together. Martina and Ellie were adopted and are doing very well. See below for the story of their first night in their new home.

Written by: LH

Martina immediately hid behind the water heater in the kitchen. I came in and sat down on the floor and started reading magazines, and after half an hour she starting darting out, running around, then dashing back in. Soon she was coming up for pets and scratches, and then she started exploring. Around 2 am I heard a crash -- she had jumped onto the stove and knocked down a couple of pans, and was back behind the water heater. So I did a quick put-away of everything that might fall off the counters and went back to bed. By morning, she had eaten all of her food and shredded a catnip stalk.

Ellie curled up on a dresser in my bedroom and eventually hid in the closet. I figured she'd come out and be friendly when she was ready, which happened at exactly 3 am. She was all over the bed, crawling over me, lying on my chest, diving under the covers, etc. She had some poop on the end of her tail so I got up to clean it off, and determined that 'Ellie' is short for 'Elevator Butt', because every time I grabbed her tail to wipe it, she purred, raised her butt, turned around in a circle and headbutted me. It took a while. When I woke up she was back in the closet.

So they are adjusting nicely. I'll send you a picture of me and Martina in a week or two.

Thanks again for two great kitties!

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