Zeke and Zach a success story!

In October of 2006 the Tehama County Animal Shelter (TCAS) was struggling with too many cats and a management staff that wasn't willing to give adoptable animals more than a few weeks before euthanizing them (New Management has radically changed TCAS and animals today have much more time and a radically better chance at being adopted.)

One morning I got a call from a volunteer at TCAS who told me that they would be doing a mass euthanasia that day and if we wanted to save any cats, we'd have to call ASAP and put a hold on them. So I perused their Petfinder.com site and found a few kitties that I wanted to take. When I called, it was to learn that 34 teenage kittens had already been PTS. Zach and Zeke, a pair of brothers, were all that was left and they too were due to go down. I immediately put them on Rescue hold and within the week they arrived at the Nine Lives Foundation.

A few short months later, near Christmas of 2006, these boys found their forever home together. Below is a letter we just received from their human momma.

Hello Everyone!

Zeke and Zach are doing just great! Having them for the last 10 months has been wonderful. They have very distinct personalities. Zeke is more reserved and a little cautious. He is sleek and tall. Zach is a tad naughty at times and he's turning into a bit of a fatty catty. He gives me kisses on my nose. Both touch my face with their paws and love hugs and attention. I always look forward to coming home to them! Thank you for caring for them before I adopted them last December!


Written by: LH

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