A letter from Boynton.

Dear Friends,

My name is Boynton and I’ve lived at the Nine Lives Foundation for 2 years. My friends have asked me to tell you my story.

I was found at the side of the road, in a litter box with my legs cut up in late January 2006. I was taken to a city shelter, and housed for 10 days. Because of my injuries, they were going to put me to sleep. A volunteer at the shelter had heard about Nine Lives Foundation and how they take in injured cats that are due to be euthanized. She took a chance and brought me to Dr Thompson.

My legs were so badly damaged that I needed multiple operations, which left me without my rear legs. However I am very glad to tell you that life is good, I’m healthy and happy. Generous donations from people like you made this possible. My medical care alone exceeded $4000 in 2006.

We are now in another new location in Redwood City. Our dream is for a permanent home with lots of room for us to play in the sunshine, receive the medical treatment necessary for us to heal and find the right person or family to adopt us. It is not easy on us when we have to move.

Let me introduce you to my friend Ramses (photo to the right). In October, he too was in critical condition and rescued from a city shelter. Ramses was run over by a car leaving his hind legs paralyzed. I’m happy to report that staff and volunteers are caring for him here at Nine Lives Foundation. Although his future is not certain, I know every effort will be made to make his life as healthy and happy as mine.

Ramses and I are only two of the many special needs cats that are helped by generous people like you. Over 400 cats have been rescued, received medical care and adopted in 2007. Isn’t that wonderful? At the shelter we hold weekly adoption events, monthly First Friday open houses, participate in off-site adoptions, all in an effort to have our stay at the shelter as short as possible. Wouldn’t you like to become a volunteer at the shelter so you can play with us and make our homes clean and comfortable? We think it is a great idea.

The best news is that many of my other special needs friends have been adopted like Magic, KiKi, Lefty, Tangerine, Glimmer, and Catherine. Yet on-going medical care is required of other cats with physical needs like Brioche, Elizabeth, Tuna, and Fiona, and this costs a lot of money for medicines and special food. How about adopting one of my many other special needs friends or one of my other buddies? They are available for adoption right now so please come meet them and see how really special they are. We have kittens, adults, special needs and geriatric cats to choose from. To learn more about these friends of mine, visit our web site at http://www.ninelivesfoundation.org/.

Please join us at our First Friday event on December 7th and meet my friends. I am also hoping that you will open your hearts to cats just like Ramses and me by sending a holiday gift to the Nine Lives Foundation. Your contribution will help us save and change lives.

My friends and the volunteers here want to wish you, your family and pets a very happy holiday season.

In loving memory of “Got Milk” one of the first cats rescued by NLF in 2004 at age 12 years old.
Thank you again for your generosity and support.

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