Finally an update!

It's been ages since my last update, but it's been a busy and productive time here at the Nine Lives Foundation. We've had several adoptions and we've planned our next First Friday Event for December.

Luther's adoption sadly fell through when he tested positive for FIV (feline Aids) but instead they took Tyson and have already finalized his adoption.
Jack and Gus, the two sweet, de-clawed, orange tabby brothers went into a foster to adopt home and had their adoption finalized this past week. Yay boys!

Hazel, a lovely all black girl, went to her forever home the first week of November.

Aster and Starlight were adopted today, 11/17/07, and went to their forever home together, fingers crossed they settle in quickly.
Cassie was adopted by a fabulous family who fell in love with her playful nature.

Ophelia, one of our longest term kitties, went out into a foster to adopt home this morning. We hope this time she'll find the peace and happiness that she deserves.

Isabeau and Mirabel were adopted first thing this morning by the niece of a lady who has adopted 3 cats from us in the past two years. We love when the Nine Lives Foundation becomes a family tradition. Finally, Ione, a lovely DLH grey kitty who came to us on the day she gave birth, 3/25/07, went out on a trial adoption today. Hopefully she'll settle in and make an elderly lady and her 5 year old kitty the happiest folks ever.

UPDATE!!! Ione's adoption has been finalized! She and her new kitty companion are very much in love and happy to have each other! Who could ask for more?

Written by: LH

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Jackie said...

I can't wait to pick up Isabeau and Mirabel!! Thank you so much for saving my little girls!!