Update on Conrad - A success story

Hi Nine Lives,
We adopted the cat you called "Conrad" after a false start with a different cat, (who has since been adopted, which makes us very happy). We STILL don't have a name for him because no one in our household can agree. I wanted to call him "Darwin", but no one else likes the name. So he has since been Andre, Snoodles, P.K., (for Psycho Kitty), Augie, Rufus, and a myriad of other names. My latest is "Malarky", which fits his goofy personality.
He is quite the little maniac. He's pulled the table cloth off the table, broken flower pots, torn up a roll of TP, dug up plants in the garden, and generally dominates this household with his antics. He tries to bury his food which means that he bats his dishes all over the kitchen. And just when I'm ready to get really mad at him he gives me that, "Look at this beautiful mess I made for you. Aren't you proud of me?" look, which cracks me up. I always thought that cats were graceful. Not this guy. He plays so hard he runs into walls and falls off tables. Chasing the laser light he flies off the top step and clunks down the stairs, then comes back for more. Often when I go into the bathroom I find his paw prints in the sink. Presumably he is admiring his handsome face and beautiful whiskers. As you can probably tell I am totally in love with him. Izzy, a cat we adopted from you a few years ago, and he are slowly making friends. They'll play with 2 ends of a ribbon, and pretend they are just trying to catch the warmth of the sun when they lie near each other for naps on the rug. Our poor toothless kitty, Orlando, is still having a tough time with this interloper, but eventually, if Malarky ever slows down, he should come to accept that this is also Orlando's home. We are SO grateful you rescued this kitty, and wish we could take all your kitties home. May they all find happy homes.

Thank you for all the wonderful work you do.

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