All we have to do to get big grant $$$$$ for Dr. Thompson and the Nine Lives Foundation is to vote once daily on this specific website. All the details are below. I’ve included the direct link to the voting page, and you can send an email message to anyone you like to ask them to vote and KEEP VOTING DAILY with each of your separate email addresses!
Update: Nine Lives Is ranked only #1575 on the list of shelters. We need to move it up-up-UP the list! Please help by voting daily and getting all your family members and friends to join in! Send out weekly reminders, because this voting period runs daily until December 14th. Help out the needy cats & kittens of Northern California!
Here’s where you go to vote: just type in ‘Nine Lives Foundation’ and 'search' - then click the VOTE button when it comes up:
PLEASE VOTE EVERY DAY! Let's get NLF to the top of the rankings!
When you vote for Nine Lives on the website, it then asks you to 'confirm your vote' by identifying a photo of an animal (cat, dog, lion, etc.).
Just type in the answer in all lower case and click. It will then say it has confirmed your vote.

[If your friends and loved ones want to know more about what Nine Lives does and just how successful it is, I have copied that information at the bottom of this email so they can see worthwhile this cat rescue & hospital is!]

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Georgia said...

Hi Laurel,

Just checked and NLF is now 135th overall and 11th in CA so we are moving up.

~ Georgia