Dear Friends...

Can you spare 3 minutes to help needy cats & kittens? I promise this will be easy & quick...

There is a website run by a woman (and her cats!) which raises money for animal organizations by holding Twitter ‘paw’-parties and other online events to raise awareness & encourage donations.

Each month only one animal organization is chosen to be the recipient of all donations through the web site. Most of them earn about $1,000 dollars!

I am campaigning to get Nine Lives Foundation to be the one recipient for the month of November. This is vital because the recession has led to a big decrease in donations and Nine Lives is in danger of having to scale back or close their doors. This fundraising effort is urgently needed, and YOUR one-time vote could make difference.

So I am asking you to take those 3 minutes of your time after you read this email and nominate for Nine Lives. You can cast one vote per each email address that you have.

Here’s what you need to do... go to this page:

You’ll see a form with 4 empty spaces to be filled.

1) Your Name
2) Your Email Address
3) Your web site -this is not required and you can leave it blank

4) Your message:
This is the place to type that you are nominating the Nine Lives Foundation ( to be the donation recipient for November. If you want to say more about Nine Lives or anything else to support the nomination, please do! Any personal experiences would help. But you can keep it short and simple if you like. Just make sure to say the rescue name and web address!

After that, press submit, and if you have any other email addresses that you use, then please reload the page after your first vote has been processed and fill it out again.

And if you can encourage other cat-loving friends and family to vote, we would appreciate it!

If you want to read more about this animal fundraising web site, you can check out a news story here:
"Animal friends have 'pawpawties' for charity"

And you can learn more about Nine Lives at their website.


Anonymous said...

I nominated the Nine live foundation.
NotShery, DB bloglit.

Clay Steiner/WriterDude said...

As did I. If anyone is keeping score, Shannon gets the credit for NotShery and myself, as well as others who have not commented here (but did at Dave Barry's blog).

Anonymous said...

I voted for you guys too!