Good News...the Nine Lives Foundation will consolidate the Feline Well-Care Clinic with the Shelter on Rolison Road in Redwood City, CA

From Dr. Monica Thompson Rudiger...

The newly formed working Nine Lives Foundation Board of Directors, consisting of nine members, voted unanimously to upgrade and rebuild the Rolison Road shelter to ensure our long term success as a no-kill shelter.  A fund raising campaign has begun to ensure that our shelter is upgraded with new flooring, improved ventilation, additional cages and a separate area for the newly created low cost spay/neuter clinic now located on Broadway, currently the Feline Well-Care Clinic.  Our plan is to make the necessary improvements to the shelter building by Christmas, allowing us to consolidate our resources back into one building.

The Feline Well-Care Clinic redefined its services to be limited to low cost spay/neuter, low cost dentistry and a low cost walk-in vaccination clinic.  We are no longer providing routine medical care to the general public.  This new plan will allow us to return to our original mission of spay/neuter in order to help reduce the population of stray and feral kittens and cats in the community and those surrendered to shelters.

We are also targeting low income families, who might otherwise not spay and neuter their kittens due to financial limitations.  We'll also work with rescue groups to support their efforts to save cats and kittens.  Spaying and neutering is the key to saving lives and the nine Lives Foundation will continue to promote this essential message and provide services that are affordable to all.

As always, we thank everyone for their support of Nine Lives Foundation, and for your patience as we strive to make our shelter the most comfortable place for our cats to call home until they are adopted.

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Anonymous said...

This i great news for Nine Lives!!! We are excited that you are serving as a spay/neuter clinic. It is so important. Do you also participate in trap/neuter/release program? Can you explain how it works? Thank you.