Nine Lives Fat Farm...the Ladies of Room 1

The four cats who live in Room 1 at the Nine Lives shelter, Amber, Gladys, Ilsa and Marise, are beautiful, well-behaved young ladies, but unfortunately, they're a bit on the plump side.  Whiskers lives in Room 8 and is one of our FIV+ kitties and she too is a bit on the plump side.

These cats are not alone because it's estimated that 53% of cats in the U.S. are either over-weight or obese.  A cat's ideal weight depends on age, breed, lifestyle, bone structure and gender, but the average adult cat generally tips the scales at 7 to 11 pounds, with females a little less.

Dr. Monica Rudiger puts the over-weight cats on a high protein, low carbohydrate wet food diet, and feeds them twice a day.  Room 1 cats live in a condo with cat trees and enough room to move around.  Whiskers lives in Room 8 with the other FIV+ kitties and has lots of cat trees to play on.  So let's meet them...

Meet AMBER, a sweet little girl who was rescued from FAS (Fremont Animal Shelter) where she lived for a year with out being adopted.  It's FAS policy that if a cat isn't adopted within a year, the cat will be euthanized to make room for other cats.  Nine Lives learned about Amber and brought her to live at the Nine Lives shelter where she joined Room 1.  Amber's approximate birthday is June 2006 and she is an inquisitive, curious and lovely girl who greets everyone that enters the condo.  Amber would love to find a loving home where she can maintain her weight, exercise more and spend lots of lap time.

This is GLADYS, a beautiful girl who gets along with the other cats of Room 1 and is the second greeter, along with Amber, to welcome you to their condo.  Gladys was born around May 2006 and lived with a family as their indoor/outdoor cat.  When the family moved away, they didn't take Gladys with them.  That's when she joined the Nine Lives family.  Sometimes, Gladys looks a little sad, but she'll perk up when you come in and pet her and scratch her ears.  Gladys would make a wonderful companion for a family who wants a lap cat who loves belly rubs.

This beauty is ILSA, a tortoiseshell manx mix with stunning torti markings.  She was born around 2006 and her front claws have been removed, but that doesn't stop her from jumping on things and climbing the cat tree.  Ilsa is a very sweet, gentle cat who gets along with the other girls.  Ilsa is a little shy when you enter the condo, so she might prefer being an only cat in your home.  Ilsa came to the Nine Lives shelter from Martinez Animal Shelter on 4/5/08 with four other kitties.

Meet WHISKERS, a black and white, long hair Maine Coon mix.  She came to Nine Lives from FAS (Fremont Animal Shelter) and is one of our FIV+ kitties.  Whiskers is a real love bug and loves to be held and cuddled, she'll wrap her paws around your neck for a great big hug.  Whiskers gets along with all the other cats in Room 8, and loves to hang out with her BFF Morris (shown in the picture with her).  Whiskers can live a long and happy life with FIV+, but needs to live in a home as an only cat.

And last, but certainly not least, meet MARISE, a beautiful gray and white girl who loves to be pet.  Marise is a quiet, but loving cat who is gentle and purrs loudly while you scratch her neck and ears.  The Nine Lives volunteers call her their little bunny because her fur is so soft you just want to pet her for hours.  Marise would love to be an only kitty in your home, or a loving companion for another cat.

The next time you visit the Nine Lives shelter at 3016 Rolison Road in Redwood City, stop by Room 1 and visit with the girls.  Also, don't forget about Whiskers in Room 8.

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Cookie said...

Hi Deanna, Just read about Ladies of Room 1. What a delight to meet all of them. Dr. Monica has such a big heart! I feel in love with Whiskers
Already have 4 indoor cats, 3 ferals in the backyard.Wish I could take in more special need kitties.