For the new Shelter -

Update - A big thank you to all that showed up and put forth the effort to help get the Nine Lives Foundation moved. We see the light at the end of the tunnel yet more still to go. In order to complete the move we need to clean up the old place (gotta be out of there by the 20th) and open up for business at 3016 on the 15th. I'm sure there are a lot of tried and sore bodies out there with all the lifting, pulling, bending, scrubbing, on-your-feet, knees, and butt kind of activity that moving demands. To all the bearers of food to nourish us, the gifts of supplies (from absorbent pads, cat trees, doors, paint supplies, etc) and the transport services (the moving truck/drivers/personal vehicles) to help move items, including the expertise, commitment and creativity to accomplish what needs to be done and the willingness to do it or anything or anyone else that I have forgotten - THANK YOU!

Supplies needed:

  • Card board boxes and packing material would be helpful.
  • We're still in need of the paper food cups or boats that we use for wet food to feed the cats. They are found at Smart & Final, and are the smallest size (I think 0.5 lbs.) that they make. They come in a pack of ~250, blue on the outside, a pack of six would be great.
  • Extra large Under Pads. They are a flat rectangular sheet of plastic covered in a thin layer of absorbent material. Their used for conveyancing cats. I find them at Longs in the adult diaper section. A couple of packs would work well.
  • Trash bags
  • Paper towels
  • Bleach
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Baby food: chicken, turkey, beef, ham, lamb (Food Co. has the best price on Delmonte baby food.)
  • Towels, bedding
  • Cat beds from indivilual that will accompildate more than one cat; med dog size works well
  • Cat trees-Cat tubes-Foam
  • Little tikes play structures - easy to sanitize
  • Cat Country litter large sized bags
  • Small area rugs (machine washable please) are a favorite for feline lounging.
  • Ferret hammocks, large size works best. The kittens pile into them and take long naps

Written by: Trish

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Anonymous said...

The staff and volunteers at Nine Lives are an awesome group of dedicated, caring individuals. The work each of them has put into making this new shelter a reality deserves our unqualified admiration and support. The more you care and share, the better the world becomes. Really!