It's time to pack the old and prep the new for our move to the new location at 3016 Rolison Avenue. We’re in dire need of volunteers now if you’re interested please contact Trish 714-5457 or Dr. Monica Thompson at 814-6696 for information. See our website: for more updates on the blog.

We are in need of people with electrician, plumbing, handy man skills to install: lighting fixtures, outlets, treatment sinks, shelving, drying racks, drivers for fork lift to move banks of cages and moving truck, unclogging of drains, etc. There are already eight working 220 outlets available in the warehouse.


2-4 Mon Prep work for painting the inside of warehouse – FINISHED!
2-5 Tues Paint inside of warehouse and newly constructed rooms.
2-5 to 2-8 construct cat runs, kitten nursery, quarantine, ICU, get acquainted rooms, etc.
Tues- Fri Install flooring and install lighting
2-8 Friday Set up of sanitization equipment and supplies for Friday morning. Need floor plan
2-9 Saturday Cats: ID and collars, deflea, mini physicals, nails
ID holding cages at 1255, sanitize (location TBA), move them to 3016.
Sort, toss, defer. box up, label & move what is ready to go. Dump runs.

2-10 Sunday Moving truck arrives. Sanitize/wash (location to TBA) equipment and supplies via pressure sprayer and/or hand washing before items go into the new shelter. Bring your scrub brushes and rubber gloves. Here’s a sampling of what’s on the sanitation wash list: banks of cat cages including doors, brick cage supports, stainless steel sinks, treatment tables, service carts, trash containers, and miscellaneous equipment like refrigerators, washers, dryer, freezer, office equipment, furnishings and supplies (brooms, brushes, dust pans, shoes, door knobs etc.). Remember the under side of items; tables, carts, rolling equipment.
  • Move cages and install skirting.
  • Move surgery and prep
  • Move washer, dryer, freezer, refrigerator(s
  • Evening may move cats depending of progress of the move

2-11 Monday Install banisters. Move furnishings, office, supplies.
2-10 to 2-17 Clean 1255 Annette and replace cabinetSun – Mon
2-16 Saturday Volunteer training TBA and adoption event 10 am - 4 pm at 3016 Rolison
2-17 to 21 Dr. Thompson at veterinary conference out of town
Sun – Thur After initial move Clear drains, check heating & electrical

Plumbing: washer, clean sink, groom sink, install sign, rear window ventilation, room installation

March 3rd - March First Friday - Grand Opening!

There is limited parking in front of 3016 Rolison (NLF) use 2nd Avenue as an alterative.

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