Tia Adopted at Last!

Tia has spent more than a year as a Nine Lives Foundation kitty. Although, only a few weeks of that time was actually spent living in the shelter. We first posted about little Tia back in early September of 2007. With a follow up post in October of 2007. Tia won over the hearts of her foster Momma's from the start and although she's likely been healthy enough to go up for adoption for some time, they've held off, "Just to be sure she's healthy." Eh, yeah. That's why she's never at adoption events.
We were all a bit surprised then on Saturday when Tia showed up for her very first adoption event. We were even more surprised when they allowed to to stay over night to meet a prospective couple on Sunday. But the real shocker was Sunday night, telling her foster mommas that she'd been adopted on her 2nd day of being up for adoption. It's easy to see why so many people love this little girl. She's a wee little thing for a 1 year old. If we didn't know her birthday to be in Mid-March of 2007, we'd say she was only 6-7 months old by looking at her. She's spunky, super soft and thinks dogs are pretty cool buddies to hang out with.

We're so happy for you little Tia cat! May you only have happy and healthy days for now on. We'll sure miss you around here.

Story by: LH

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