57 March adoptions suprise us all!

March was a busy month around the Nine Lives Foundation. We were still settling into our new shelter. Doors and windows were still missing and the washing machine setup still left a lot to be desired. But all of those thing were minor and the folks coming in to meet and adopt our kitties seemed to take the chaos of our ongoing construction in stride as they met and fell in love with new furry family members. As of Monday, March 31st, fifty cats and kittens had been adopted from our shelter. Many of them special needs or hard to place kitties.On top of our in house adoptions, Humanimal Connection, a sister rescue, has taken 17 cats from us this year, 7 of which were adopted out in the month of March (15 this year so far). Leaving us with more space to save more shelter cats from death's door.

Just in case you start to think that we're short on kitties now, I'll let you know that March also saw the arrival of 61 new cats and kittens (3 moms with 14 babies) make this number look a lot higher than it should. Also, eleven of our new March arrivals were adopted out before the end of the month, which just goes to show that shelters around the area are euthanizing some amazingly adoptable kitties.

Over all, March was a great month for the Nine Lives Foundation. Yes, we're still struggling to make ends meet because of the recent move and we very much need monetary donations to keep doing what we do, but we're pretty happy with the way things are going.

Written by: LH

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