A letter from the kitties formerly known as Sonny & Chet

Dear Nine Lives Foundation,
We are sorry we have not written sooner but my brother and I have been very busy making ourselves at home with our new people Ron and Mel. We want to thank you for taking very good care of us while we were waiting for them to come and adopt us last July. You knew us as Sonny and Chet, but Ron and Mel call is Ix (icks) and Pu (poo) after the Mayan Gods Ixbalanque and Hunahpu. Since moving to Pacifica we have been exploring the house, garage, backyard, neighbor's yards and the hillside behind the house. We have made several new friends, but Ron and Mel don't much like it when we bring our friend-mouse or friend-bird into the house to play with us.. they really didn't like the gopher. We have our own perch where we can nap in front of the window when we are not sleeping on the bunkbeds in the guest room or with our people. Having our own door to the backyard is great since we can go outside and play all day when Ron and Mel are gone. They don't let us go out late at night ever since Ix got in a scuffle with the "furry thing that bites" and he had to go to the doctor... so now we have a curfew at dark. That's ok, we also love sitting on the couch with Ron and Mel on our blue blanket. It is very snugly and so are they. We have to go, Ron doesn't like it when we play on the computer especially when he is trying to use it at the same time. We did want you to know we are happy and healthy and Pu has become quite the fluff ball since you last saw us. Thank you again for giving us a place to stay until Ron and Mel could come and get us. Attached are some before and after photos - look how much fluffier Pu got!

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