Meet Giget!

Gidget was rescued in Kern County from a kill shelter. She and her three kittens were brought back to the Nine Lives Foundation in Redwood City. She nursed her kittens, and when they were weaned, she began to foster four abandoned kittens when they were only 5-days old. She has since finished weaning her foster kittens and is ready to find her forever home.
Gidget is a cow cat (meaning she has Holstein cow-like black spots on her white coat), and has already been spayed. She is sweet, pretty, graceful, gentle, and weighs 9 pounds. She is mellow, loves to be picked up, and melts in your arms when you carry her. She enjoys talking and will welcome you home the moment you walk through the door. She will make a great companion for your single cat of any age.
Gidget’s personality is unique. She’s docile enough to be around children and won’t run away when they approach to pet her; she doesn’t use her claws when playing with people (never scratches people—she’s amazingly careful about not using her claws!); and she doesn’t scratch the furniture, only her scratching post. She won’t hide when guests arrive; instead she will find a spot in the room where everyone has gathered and quietly observe the conversation. When you lift her to your lap, she won’t sit for long, but will be happy sitting above you on your easy chair so she can be near you. Gidget would do well as an indoor/outdoor cat, with most of her time spent indoors. She loves exploring closely around the home, won’t dart away when approached, and will meow at the door when ready to come in for a nap or human attention. She has been “walked” daily around her foster owner’s condo complex; she even runs when the pace is picked up. Having a second cat in the home will give Gidget the playful companion she needs at 4:30 AM when she happily talks and runs around the play area with her favorite toy.

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