Thor a.k.a Phoenix a.k.a "the cat who wouldn't die"

Thor aka Phoenix or "the cat who wouldn't die" is a handsome adult boy who came to us from the Los Banos Animal Shelter on August 1st. Thor's time had run out in the Los Banos Shelter. No rescues had stepped forward and he had been sent to the euthanasia room where he was to be humanely PTS. Following standard procedures Thor was given an injection of Ketamine to sedate him prior to his Euthanasia. After several minutes it became clear that the Ketamine had no apparent effect. Two more doses of Ketamine later, after they'd given him enough to be a lethal dosage of Ketamine, Thor spiked a fever of 107°F but he didn't die, nor did he become even slightly sedated. At this point the shelter staff, at a loss as to how to put him to sleep humanely, sent him to the rescue coordinator to find an alternate solution for getting him out of the shelter.

That's when Dr. Thompson was called and the Nine Live Foundation rescued Thor. Our staff and volunteers here at the Nine Lives Foundation have fallen irrevocably in love with this sweet boy, but none of us can seem to agree on the right name for him. Is he like the Phoenix who rose from the ashes or is he like the mighty Thor, immortal? We suggest that you adopt him and come up with a perfect name of your very own.

Written by: LH

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Flippy said...

OMG, poor baby. I wish I could adopt him. He is beautiful!

This story is so SAD. It is too sad the number of animals that are euthanized because there are
not enough homes for them. Too sad...

Purrs to the boycat,
Flippy in Melbourne, Australia.
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