Who would throw this little kitty out of a car window?

Friday, July 10th at 4:45 p.m. during RUSH HOUR on bay area freeway, 92 entrance from the 880 freeway, a 3 month old grey and white baby kitten was THROWN out the window by a person in a white cream small pickup with a shell. The kitten was hit by the person in the car in back of him. He was brought in by a woman that saw him being thrown from the truck window and get hit by the car in back of the truck.
She rushed the kitten to the Nine Lives Foundation's vet, the Feline Well-Care Clinic in Redwood City...where the kitten is doing well, no broken bones but of course, the kitten must be in shock from all this kitten has been through.

If anyone knows who this coward is that threw the kitten out of his truck to face an awful and violent death and fled, please email us so we can add it to the report.

We cannot express our horror. To throw a live kitten on the freeway to somehow fend for itself. How could anyone have so little compassion and such RAGE, that they would do this terrible thing. This poor 3 month old grey and white kitten could have been someones beloved new kitten. In this case, something went very wrong. What would motivate a person to do this?

These photos show the kitten at safety at Nine Lives Foundation Vet Hospital. This sweet kitten is so happy to be warm, secure, wounds healing and on the mend. Contributions to help pay for his care, no matter how small the donation would be much appreciated. Call Nine Lives Foundation / Feline Well-Care Clinic at (650) 368-1365 and ask for Marcella and say you want to donate to the FREEWAY KITTY FUND!!

This sweet kitty still needs a permanent home where the kitten will never have to face this type of terror again.

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