Zander - A success story


My family adopted Zander from you on July 11. We've had a great time welcoming him into our family -- he is such a love. He has adjusted beautifully to our home and has become a great companion to our 3yr old daughter. He's even slowly making friends with our very crabby older cat. She still occasionally hisses at him but she will at least be in the same room with him without causing a ruckus.

He's also turned into a major couch potato and spends much of his day there. In the evenings when we're home, he'll scoot over to let us join him, but he's reluctant to give up his prime snoozing spot. Must be a guy thing!

Thank you to everyone at the shelter for helping us find the perfect cat. Everyone's knowledge of his personality made a huge difference, so we knew what to expect from him. We're so happy with him.

Just wanted to update you on how he's doing. Thanks again,
Lisa, Jim, and Zelly

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