Avis & Mimsy (a.k.a. Corral) - a success story

Hello Nine Lives!

My husband and I adopted little Avis about a month ago, after we fell in love with her at the shelter. She had lost her left hind leg last to a devastating tumor, which Dr. Thompson removed as soon as Avis arrived at Nine Lives. I'll admit that we were worried that we wouldn't know what to do for a tripod cat, but the volunteers assured us that she could pretty much do everything any other cat could do.
She is sweet as sugar, so it's hard to believe she was completely feral when she arrived at the shelter, even though the volunteers to assure us that she was. Before we brought Avis home, we wanted to have a buddy for her, and found a very outgoing, snuggly Karl in the playcage.
Once we brought Avis and Karl home, we discovered that they were super sweet and adorable individually, but Karl just had a little too much energy for Avis and their personalities just weren't well-matched. We tried everything we could think of, but we ultimately brought him back to his more playful buddies at Nine Lives.

We were so sad, and felt we weren't ready to bring another kitty home, but we should've known better. Avis was an only cat for just less than 36 hours, because Dr. Thompson sneakily introduced us to an adorable all-black Wonder Cat named Corral (now named Mimsy). Mimsy was hit by a car three weeks ago, after which a good samaritan brought her to Nine Lives. Dr. Thompson saved her life, although she couldn't save Mim's front left leg.
We chuckled at the idea of having two tripod kitties at home, but we were already hooked - Mimsy was such a doll! We brought her home to Avis, and since their introduction two weeks ago, they've gone from soft hissing to rumbling purrs, and are even allowing close-proximity
napping now!
Avis is settling in more and more each day to her new home. She has started to "hunt" her little toys, and is so proud when she subdues her "prey." She struts up to us with the toy hanging out of her mouth and vocalizes loudly to announce her victory. Mimsy is becoming more playful and curious, too, and likes to be up on her hind legs to scratch her tower or swat at the Cat Dancer.

We couldn't be happier with these two beautiful little girls, and we're thrilled that they're a part of our family. We want to say thank you to Dr. Thompson and all of the wonderful volunteers at Nine Lives, and to those two individuals, whoever you are, for rescuing these precious cats from the streets, so that they could eventually find their way into our home.

Amanda, Jesse, Avis and Mimsy

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