Corral found in the middle of nowhere

Hello Doctor Thompson,

Attached are the pictures of where I found Corral (the black kitty with 3 legs now). So glad she has already found nice people to adopt her. She is such a sweet kitty, I'm so glad I found her in time. Thank you for everything you have done for her! Take Care, and if I can help is some way one day, I would love to help your foundation in some way.

This photo shows the exit I found her off of .
This photo shows that by turning left you cross over the freeway, I found her against that railing.
Picture 3 - shows you there is nothing ahead but hills and coyotes, etc. She was in the middle of nowhere!
Thank you,
Stacey Anderson


Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for taking the time to send these pictures, and for having the courage to stop and pick up that little black cat on the side of the freeway. We knew that Mimsy (a.k.a. Corral) was found at a freeway ramp with "Corral" in the name, but the pictures really tug at my heart strings! I didn't realize that ramp was in the middle of nowhere. Mimsy is so very lovable, and clearly used to being in a home environment, so it's unbelievable to me that she was way out there. It kills me to think that she must've been dumped.

By the way, Mimsy is the best alarm clock in the morning - as soon as the alarm goes off, she starts meowing to let us know it's time to eat (one of her favorite activities, now that she's feeling better). That gets Avis meowing, too, and then I try not to trip over them as they lead me to the food bowls. Adorable! How could we live without them?


mr frodo said...

as unbelievable as it seems, it has to be the most logical conclusion that someone had to have dumped her there in the middle of nowhere.
yes, heartless indeed, but certainly not unheard of.
where i live, though i have no proof, lots of animals, particularly cats are left stranded and dumped off somewhere. i've been taking care of a few feral/strays and i don't doubt that one or some were dumped there.