CA Spay and Neuter License Plates

Spay & Neuter Saves Lives!

Help reduce pet overpopulation with the CA Spay & Neuter License Plate!

The California Spay & Neuter license plate, sponsored by the California Veterinary Medical Board, provides a fun and easy way for pet lovers to help reduce pet overpopulation. Proceeds from the plate provide funding for free or low-cost spay & neuter surgeries across California, and also help to raise awareness about the importance of spaying and neutering.

By pre-ordering the California Spay & Neuter License Plate today, you can be among the first to display the new plate on your vehicle. You can pre order your new plates beginning today.

A sequentially numbered plate is just $50. A personalized plate, whether a new request or a transfer for an existing personalized plate, is $98. These fees are additional above your normal registration fee. After 7,500 pre-orders are received, the DMV will begin the official program, and will start issuing actual plates after the implementation process is complete.

Find out more about the plates and pre order them at:

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