Success story - Bella, now named Irie!

Hello Nine Lives.

I want to let you know that Bella, now named Irie, is a wonderful addition to our family. She has come a long way since we brought her home on May 27th and is starting to get some meat on her bones. We named her Irie as she has a wonderful kicked back personality and is just happy and easy going. Irie means - everyting is cool, no worries, feelin' good, everyting is everyting (everyting = everything in Jamaican Patois). We are absolutely in-love with Irie. I had a mobile pet groomer come to the house and bath and groom her and she looks and I'm sure feels fantastic. She loves to eat, sleep and roll around in dried cat nip many times a day (which she has successfully distributed every where in the house). She has found many favorite sleeping spots. She is also very playful, when she is not eating or sleeping. We finally have a lap cat (something I've always wanted) and she loves to go from my lap to my husband's, Mario, lap and back and forth if we are on the couch watching TV. She is adorable. She also likes to sit on Mario's lap when he is working on the computer. Irie has fit in to our household with no problems at all and gets along great with the other 3 household cats.

Thank you so very much for saving this beautiful girl (we keep thinking she is a kitten as she is new to us, but she is really a 12 year old that has had some very hard knocks, which shows in that adorable little face). She is thriving in our home and is now absolutely showered with all kinds of love and we think she loves us too and feels safe.

I've attached some photos of our sweet girl, Irie.

Thank you so very much!

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