Success story! - Thank for you for Tom (formerly Klondike)!

Thank you so much for rescuing Tom (formerly Klondike) and helping us to meet him. It is sad to think that the little guy was found in a wood pile as a kitten, but is so wonderful that through your organization, he has been matched with a loving family. It is hard not to spoil him, he is absolutely adorable and has a sweet personality to match his handsome looks.

He loves to cuddle and be brushed, and his latest interest is laying on my head and cleaning my hair. Whenever he is locked out of a room and craves attention from us, rather than hysterically meowing at the door, he patiently sits there and waits for us to let him in. He almost always follows me wherever I go in the house, and the few times that he doesn’t, he will quickly be by my side if I call out his name.

He has a new little Siamese-mix sister (Jerry), who was found at an autobody shop, and the two have bonded well together and become partners in crime, though Jerry is the one who commits most of the crimes. It is so cute hearing them charge around the house together and then eventually falling asleep on top of each other. In just a few months, Tom and Jerry have already brought a lifetime of joy into our home and we are looking forward to spending many many many more years with them.

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