First, the planning board for the City of San Carlos is insistent that the area our building is in, is not zoned properly for our purpose. If the place was ideal we'd probably fight to stay but we've had a ton of issues with the new building. The electrical is a nightmare, as is the water situation which makes running a shelter difficult. On top of that the ventilation has become an issue and so have the neighbors (who have been stealing from us) so it's really a good thing that we have to move.

For the short term, the shelter needs to be moved to a much smaller facility. We are trying to adopt out as many cats as possible & hoping to get the rest out into foster care. We looked at a new building in Redwood City last week, but it's more for having an address and for adoption events. We're hoping to get the majority of our cats adopted or out into foster care before the move. Which is doubly hard as none of volunteers or BOD members seem to want to take on the responsibility of managing our foster homes and the cats out in foster. Honestly I'm very stressed out about the whole thing but I have to believe that it will all work out.

Written by: LH

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