Dr. T and I were at the Nine Lives Foundation until 9:45 last night but we got 8 spays and one neuter done. Tonight it's time for act 2 of the same as we whittle our spay/neuter list down to nothing. We plan to spay/neuter all of our cats/kittens before our move at the end of the month and we'd like to get it done before the packing starts this weekend.

In addition to the surgery marathon we had 3 more adoptions last night, including my own beloved foster girl Tabitha a.k.a. Thee, who will go to her forever home on Saturday with Magic (that's right, Magic has been adopted!). The couple who adopted them has promised to provide us with updates and photos. I think they realize how much the staff and volunteers love the cats they're taking. :)

The third kitty to be adopted was quickly named Sue, after the rescuer who trapped her and brought her in yesterday for her spay. Sue was trapped in a feral colony, but as sweet as she is, she was likely handled and socialized well at some point. A lovely lady came in yesterday, one of many visits she's made to our shelter in the hopes of finding the cat who would chose her, and spied Sue in her cage awaiting her spay. It was clearly love at first sight. The woman stayed for over an hour snuggling with little Sue and promptly adopted her.
Written by: LH

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