Kiki the wonder kitten

Kiki was 8 weeks old when he arrived at the Nine Lives Foundation on June 20th. The family who had him rushed him in to a near by hospital where Dr. Thompson worked as a relief veterinarian after his head had been stepped on by their 8 year old son, in a freak accident that fractured his skull and rendered him blind and unresponsive. The injury caused swelling in his brain and poor Kiki suffered seizures and received a very guarded prognosis.

Kiki's initial treatment included full body x-rays, including skull x-rays, oxygen therapy, IV fluids, Valium and 24 hour nursing care as he was non-responsive and seizing. Dr. Thompson provided nursing care after-hours taking him home every evening to avoid the added expense of emergency clinic monitoring. After two days, Kiki's prognosis remained unchanged and his expenses continued to increase. Kiki's owners (who had limited financial resources) surrendered him the Nine Lives Foundation in the hope of saving him from being put to sleep due to their inability to cover his expenses at the near by hospital.

After three weeks of intensive care, Kiki had returned to near normal. His seizures resolved completely and he now has only partial blindness. We believe that he see shadows and movement. During his recovery he thrived with the help of Del Monte "turkey and turkey gravy" baby food and the loving play of other kittens his age. Despite his blindness he became quite an adept kitten wrestler.
He is now a playful, healthy, happy kitten and last week he went home with one of our volunteers as a foster with the potential to be adopted at the end. He will always need to be an indoor cat but will enjoy a long and happy life with a family that appreciates his determination and tenacity. Kiki is one of a kind but his story is not unique. He is but one of many lucky kitties that have come into the Nine Lives Foundation, each with a heartbreaking story inspires us to continue our work to help Bay Area cats and kittens in need.
Written by: LH & Dr. T

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