Timmy and his litter mates were found abandoned in the bushes in the Redwood City, Carl's Jr. parking lot. Healthy, flea free and otherwise robust, it was clear that they had been dumped there. Dubbed the "Carl's Jr. Kittens" Timmy and his siblings were wee little things, nearly 4 weeks old, when they were delivered to our care on Sunday, April 22, 2007.

Tango, the other boy in the litter was adopted at our June 1st open house but Timmy and his sisters remained. Always cuddly, Timmy has always been boundless in energy and his joy in life. While his sisters failed to thrive at the shelter and quickly returned to foster care where they've grown into lovely teenagers, Timmy stayed at the shelter and attended dozens of adoption events. Folks cooed over his handsome looks, soft coat and pleasant disposition but no one seemed interested in adopting him, until today.
Today a mother and daughter came in looking for a playful but cuddly kitten who would easy going as it would be their first cat. Timmy immediately came to mind and while they met all of our other available kittens, they clearly agreed with our suggestion as Timmy went out on a trial adoption last night to what we hope will be his forever home.

Written by: LH

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