The story of Xena, Zepher and Zeus

In August of 2006 we received a phone call from the rescue coordinator at the Martinez Animal Shelter asking for help. She had 3 beautiful, 3 month old kittens who had been spayed/neutered but because of a potential exposure to Ringworm, were due to be PTS. She was hoping that we could help by taking any of the three and we could.

We had a foster family with a couple of kitties that were already being treated for Ringworm who was happy to add a few more. Xena, Zephyr and Zeus arrived the next day. Zeus and Zephyr are the tabby and white boys to the right with fellow foster Teegan.

Xena was a bit sicker than the two boys who were very healthy. She immediately broke with ringworm and an Upper Respiratory Infection soon followed. All three dis very well in their foster home though and over a couple of months they blossomed. They all cleared their Ringworm and got healthy. They grew accustomed to the resident dog and over time even learned to love him. As Halloween approached they began attending the weekend adoption events but by then they were no longer small "kittens" but teenagers and no one showed much interest in them beyond commenting on how sweet they all were. The months passed and they grew into more wonderful kitties every day.

Then one weekend, in early December 2006, a couple came in to the Nine Lives Foundation who had adopted a kitten from us before in the past. Pia, the woman, was looking for a cat for her parents, to keep their dog company and a pair of cats for her boyfriend, Ryan's, parents.

For her Parents, we immediately introduced her to Xena and it was clear instantly that she would be the perfect match. It only took a few minutes more for Ryan and Pia to choose Zeus and Zephyr for his parents. Applications were filled out and within an hour the three cats were on their way home on trial adoptions.

Within a week we heard glowing praise for all three cats. They had finally found the homes where they belonged.

On May 12, 2007 Zeus and Zephyr came in for their annual check up and I got some photos of them in their carrier on their way out. They'd had shots and been weighed so they didn't want to come back out of the carrier for a photo session, but it's more than clear that they are happy and healthy adults now, and just as bonded as ever.

These three cats are just one more example of the amazing cats and kittens that are put to sleep in Bay Area shelters every day.

**Below is Pia's email from January 27th, 2007 with an update on Xena.
Written by: LH

Dearest Nine Lives,

We are true believers. I wanted to get my parents a cat but they already had the most sweetest English Bull dog. I thought that the best Anniversary present would be a kitty to keep the English Bull dog (Amalfi) and my parents company. I immediately called Nine Lives to see if they had any kitties that are "dog friendly." I was told that a kitty who was named"Xena" would be perfect. Immediately, I fell in love. Another all-American black cat was purrfect!

When I introduced her to my parents and Amalfi, I was in shock because I never thought a kitty could be so calm and stand her ground. And moments later she was following Amalfi around the house. What is even more amazing is that my parents travel a lot. They love to bring Amalfi and Sabrina (a.k.a Xena) with them. They have it all worked out, Sabrina knows when it's time to travel and she actually loves it. For New Year's we were in Las Vegas and my parents brought the whole family (Mom, Dad, Amalfi and Sabrina).

Every time I tell someone that my parents have a cat and dog who actually are best friends and love each other, they cannot believe it. I am a true believer that in a loving, nurturing environment, love between a dog, a cat & the owners can flourish. Everyday Amalfi and Sabrina are loved and cherished. My parents love them both dearly. My father walks around with Sabrina on his shoulder and Amalfi on a leash. They would call me and tell me how Sabrina loves to snuggle under the blanket looking for my parent's faces. They love it : )

This picture is of Amalfi & Sabrina getting ready to go to bed New Year's day. I did not think they would be that close...but they really love each other! They chase each other around and snuggle next to each other-it's amazing!!!Thank you all so much!!! We are truly blessed with a special dog and an amazing kitty cat who we cherish every single day. Nothing is impossible.


Pia, Shirley (Mom), Tony (Dad), Amalfi & Sabrina

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