Fiona, a story of healing

Fiona is a 2.5 year old DMH, Calico who has had a very tough life. We pulled Fiona from San Jose Animal Care and Control in the early spring of 2006. We spayed her and found for her what we had hoped was a loving forever home. This June Fiona was returned with the comment that she was "feral" and she'd spent the entire year after her adoption living outside and running from her adopted family. Upon examining her we discovered the horrible truth. We're not sure when it happened, but Fiona had managed to push her front leg through her collar until it lodged in her armpit and began to dig in and cause her a great deal of pain.

By the time we got her back, the collar had created a wound that was now old and very infected from months of festering. Since her return she's been recovering in our hospital with loads of antibiotics and loving care. She's begun to remember that people are not all out to hurt her. We snuggle her and tell her everyday how sorry we are that we allowed her to be adopted by someone who cared so little for her well being. We plan to ensure that her next home is the "right" home and that she has a happily ever after.
Written by: LH

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